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Ewa Matyja



Born 1985, Poland





2019                Solo Exhibition, Alchemik Studio, Poznan, Poland

2017/18           Solo Exhibition, AirHair Studio, Poznan, Poland

2016                Solo Exhibition, Drukarnia Sklad Chleba i Wina, Poznan, Poland






2020                Disrupting the Stillness, Online Exhibition, Lahme x TheVisionaryProject

2019                Control + Shift, Shanghai, China

2018/19           Barsky Gallery, New Jersey, USA

2018/19           Teutsch Gallery, Warsaw Poland

2019                Minute16, Berlin, Germany

2019                Art Number 23, London, UK

2018                Stacja Design, Wroclaw, Poland

2018                Young Art Auction, Sopot’s Auction House, Warsaw, Poland

2018                New Avant-garde, post competition exhibition, Katowice, Poland

2018                Young Art Auction, Pragaleria, Warsaw, Poland

2017                COMEL, post competition exhibition, Latina, Italy






2019                The Other Art. Fair, Brooklyn, New York City, USA

2019                The Other Art. Fair, London, UK

2018                The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, New York City, USA

2018                AFF Art Fresh Festival, Warsaw, Poland

2017                Christmas Art Fair, Officyna Art & Design, Warsaw, Poland

2017                Warsaw International Art Fair, Warsaw, Poland 

2017                Art Fair for Independent Artists, Poznan, Poland

2016                Art & Design, Wolny Targ, Poznan, Poland

2016                Grand Bazar Fair, Jablkowski’s Brothers House, Warsaw, Poland



                        Yudian Gallery, 2022

                        James Baird Gallery (Artsy), 2021

                        Artwork SG, 2021

                        Saatchi Art, 2018

                        Middle Mist, 2022




                        „Le Mille” Magazine, 2021

                        „The Hut Magazine”, 2021

                        The High Mid Low Blogpost, 2020

                        SOL, 2020

                        Postscriptum Magazine, 2021

                        Visionery Project, 2021

                        „You wanted A List”, 2020

                        Share Human Creativity, 2020

                        Pracownia Dziewczyn Podcast, 2021





                        Behspoke, 2021

                        DOTCH, 2022

                        Spacey Studios, 2021






2018                II Contemporary Art Competition, New Avant-garde, Katowice, Poland

2018                Finalist of Fusion Art 2nd Annual Colors Competition, Online Gallery

2018                Light Space & Time, Online Art Gallery, Abstract Art Exhibition, 

                       Special Merit Category Award

2018                Light Space & Time, Online Art Gallery, Abstract Art Exhibition, 

                       8th place (out of 952 entries)

2017                COMEL Contemporary Art Prize, selected as one of the top 14 finalist,                              Latina, Italy





2019                Untitled Space Artist Residency, Shanghai, China (September 2019)

2019                Self-directed Artist Residency, Bangkok, Thailand (August 2019)

2019                Pouch Cove Foundation, Newfoundland, Canada (July 2019)





2015                Graphic Design, FETAC Level 5, Dublin Institute of Design, Ireland

2013                BA (Hons) Business Studies 2:1, Dublin Business School, Ireland




Ewa Matyja was born in 1985 in Poland. At the age of 20 she started to travel and she spend 15 years living between Europe, America and Asia. She worked most of her life in sales and fashion to drop corporate lifestyle in 2016 and dedicated fully to art and focus on becoming full time artist


She has exhibited in solo exhibitions at Drukarnia Sklad Chleba i Wina, AirHair Studio or Alchemik Studio in Poznan, Poland.


Matyja also has been included in various important group exhibitions including COMEL in Italy, New Avant-garde, Auction Houses or Stacja Design in various cities in Poland, The Other Art Fair in New York City and London, Minute16 in Berlin and several Online Exhibitions.


She has been actively involved in art fairs and festivals in Poland, such as Art Fresh Festival, Officyna Art & Design Fair and The Other Art Fair presented by SaatchiArt in London and New York City.


In 2019 Matyja moved to Bali, Indonesia where she lives now.

Artist Statement

As a self-taught artist I paint to challange myself. The amount of creativity  that was storaged inside me for years, creates unexpected pieces that are abstract visualisation of all my previous expeirences. As an artist I create work that reflects emotions and chaos in life that we are living. I capture movement and life. To me art is ongoing explotration and journey of discovery. It is a learning proces that involves experimenting and making mistakes to achieve powerfull paintings. In every piece I create I try to show beauty in imperfction.


My main source of inspirations are nature, architecture, people, culture and emotions that those elements have impact on me.


I experiment mixing traditional materials like acrylic paint, charcoal, pastels, ink with local art supplies, elements of nature to create three dimension effect in my work. I am fascinated by textures and structures that we can find on every corner in the most unexpected corners of our surrounding.



My proces is dynamic and involves working intuitively on several pieces at the time to create dialogue between them, moving from one to another allows me develop the ideas and pushing the boundries. This is no going back or correcting proces. 

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